• Manual Rank Checking in the era of Google Personalization

    I’ve never been a proponent of manual rank checking (I’ve also called this “canned ranking checks”) as a reliable KPI for Search Marketing success, but with the “upgrades” to Google results in the form of personalization, my recommendation is that all manual rank checking be discontinued. As Conrad Saam noted in SearchEngineLand last month in…

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  • Quick Review: Audience, Relevance, and Search

    I’ve worked with many people on Search Optimization over the years I’ve been Search Solutionating and James, Frank, and Cynthia belong to a small subset of people I’ve met at IBM who truly “get” what the purpose of Search Optimization is. I’ve never had to waste any time with them describing the “why” behind Search…

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  • 4 ibm.com examples of Web Effectiveness

    A few weeks ago, I was asked for some examples of Web site effectiveness.  Here are a few from ibm.com. What  elements make a Web site effective? Think Global: Not everyone speaks English or lives in the US.  Make it easy for people  to choose a country, region, or language no matter where they begin…

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