Help the Oregon Food Bank

Help the Oregon Food Bank

Please enter blog for food in the tribute field
Please enter "blog for food" in the tribute field

I stole this directly from Food Dude at Portland Food & Drink because he moved me to donate to the Oregon Food Bank with his post.

When you look at what the OFB achieves, it’s really quite staggering. Less than 5 percent of expenditures go to fund raising and administrative costs. They distributed 792,000 emergency boxes in one year and 4 million emergency meals at soup kitchens and shelters. Imagine!

A large group of bloggers under the organization of Tami Parr have gotten together to raise funds for the food bank. Money is tight, but surely all of us can break loose a few dollars to support this cause: $5.00 – $1000.00… whatever you can afford. Just click the banner on the front page of this site. When you get to the donation page, please enter “blog for food” in the tribute section on the donation page so that it counts towards our campaign. You are also welcome to send checks directly to the Oregon Food Bank at PO Box 55370, Portland, OR 97238. Again, please mention our campaign.

While money does more to help than anything else, you can also drop off canned food. Sarah at Savaveza on 1004 N Killingsworth is collecting food throughout the month. Also, folks have spontaneously started to drop off bags of food at Vino in Sellwood, 1226 SE Lexington.

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